Employee Empowerment, A Priority at F.H. Cann and Associates, Inc.

Employee Empowerment, A Priority at F.H. Cann and Associates, Inc.

At any company, employees want to feel like they are very well respected and have a voice. Unfortunately, not every company provides this opportunity for their employees, which can be frustrating. F.H. Cann and Associates, Inc. has tried to do as much as possible to make sure that employees feel like they are needed and appreciated.

How does F.H. Cann and Associates, Inc. pull this off? Over the last few years, the focus has been on just a few of these subtle changes that made a huge difference.

Clear guidelines to everything

What is it like to work at F.H. Cann & Associates Inc.? Employees feel like they know exactly what is expected out of them every single day. There is very little gray area with all the employees, and that allows them to do their job without as many distractions. Too many companies don’t provide enough information, and it can slow down the working process.

Better communication throughout

Better communication at F.H. Cann and Associates

Whether it be with upper management, employees working in the same office or anything involving business, communication has much improved. F.H. Cann and Associates, Inc. has set up numerous ways for employees to communicate with each other to work more efficiently.

This communication also works when talking to people above. If there is a concern or complaint, it’s a lot easier to access those at the top than in the past.

Growth within

Employee Growth is the main focus at FH Cann & Associates

One thing that a lot of people love about the company is that there are opportunities to grow and move up. Since the company has grown a good amount, new opportunities very frequently go to those within the company already.

This gives employees something to strive towards in the beginning. At other jobs, there might be a feeling of working and working with no goals in sight. Having a goal to move up in the company is something a lot of people can get behind.

Coaching available

Camaraderie shown by coaching, training and helping each other at F.H. Cann and Associates Inc.

If an employee feels like they are in a tough situation, or completely stuck, the company offers to coach in those situations. It can be embarrassing for some people to ask for additional help, but that is what the coaching is there for. It’s better to identify the problem early on, then to let things linger and for projects to fall behind. Coaching is a very easy way to get help without feeling embarrassed.

Better trust

It’s always difficult for any company to completely trust employees, especially if they are relatively new. F.H. Cann and Associates, Inc. has built up a lot of trust with those who have been with the company for a while, and that leads to more responsibilities.

Any employee who feels trusted can begin to also understand that significance a little better. With trust comes a lot of responsibility, and most people are willing to take that on.

Trust can be broken if a person isn’t careful, so that does need to be kept in mind. However, those who truly feel empowered know what needs to be done to keep things moving.

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