Hiring Secrets: How Does F.H. Cann & Associates Attract Top Talent?

Hiring Secrets: How Does F.H. Cann & Associates Attract Top Talent?

It’s no secret that the team at F.H. Cann & Associates is wildly talented. Experts in account receivables management are drawn to work with us from all over the country. In just the past few years, we’ve grown to be an organization of several hundred employees, after starting out 20 years ago. And in an age when companies struggle with employee retention, we find that employees are happy to grow within our company, as employee retention and fair compensation have always been a main focus of ours.

So what’s our hiring secret? How do we attract top talent from all over the country, to work at our company. There’s a few core components to our organization, which we think set the tone for why experts in account receivables management want to work at F.H. Cann & Associates.

Respect, Care, and Recovery

One aspect of our company that helps us stand apart from the competition is this tagline: Respect, Care, and Recovery. In a recent speech, Frank Cann, CEO, discussed how respect and care come first when it comes to F.H. Cann & Associates, and that this applies to not only customers, but to employees as well. We are dedicated and deeply committed to treating our employees with respect and care, and this definitely helps attract top talent to our company. Employees feel they are treated well, and fairly compensated for the quality of their work. We’ve been voted the Best Place to Work in Collections six times, and we believe this also reflects how employees are treated at our company.

Hiring Secrets: How Does F.H. Cann & Associates Attract Top Talent?

Employee Retention

Employee retention has always been a core focus of our business. It’s important for us to not only attract top talent, but for top talent to want to stay with F.H. Cann & Associates, and grow their careers with us. A recent article about what it’s like to work at F.H. Cann & Associates mentioned our company atmosphere, and spoke particularly about our team environment. We also expect standard hours from our employees, and understand the importance of work life balance. This article also mentioned upward mobility within our organization. Because we’ve experiencing such growth and success over the past 20 years, the chances of being able to move upwardly within the company are very good, for employees who are interested in growing with us. We believe all of these factors contribute to a strong and expertly trained team here at F.H. Cann & Associates.

Markers of Success

We believe that a company speaks for itself when it attracts top talent. Because we are successful and growing, top talent is drawn to us. We recently added 100 talented new team members, after opening a new office in Sharonville, Ohio. Overall, our organization includes hundreds of employees, which span all 50 states. Plus, employees at F.H. Cann & Associates are constantly retrained and recertified, so they continue to stay at the top of the pack. Additionally, because of our dedication to integrating new technology, employees are ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest tools and trends. We believe giving our employees the tools to succeed helps attract top talent, and we believe this really shows when it comes to our workforce.

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