Our Favorite Work-From-Home Digital Tools In 2021

If there’s something about the past year that won’t be forgotten in an instant, it is the surprise with which the whole world was taken by the novel coronavirus. Though there has been a similar case of a pandemic in the past, this happened a long time ago. So, when the pandemic of last year occurred, many people found themselves trying out different things and adapting to the ones they feel comfortable with. 

This pandemic forced people to stay indoors to curtail the spread of the virus. Since people have jobs and had to stay indoors, they had no choice but to work from home.

Though working from home might sound like less stress for people, there are many things that come together to make the experience a desirable one. One of such things is the digital tools that will be used to connect and work from home. 

Getting the right digital tool hang may be a problem, especially since there are many digital tools out there being passed off as the best. But then, no matter what, there are always people or organisations who possess informed knowledge about these things and are ready to show others the way. 

Regarding work-from-home digital tools, we at F.H. Cann & Associates appear to be in the best position to reveal the ones you will find interesting.

Since the pandemic started in 2020, we’re able to expand and shift to remote work. Because of this, we have tried out many work-from-home digital tools in 2021, and we can tell you our favourites.

To arrive at this, we have maintained a neutral mind, only evaluating the advantages and ease of using each one. Below, you will find our favourites.

What Are The Favourite Work-From-Home Digital Tools in 2021

ZoomAlthough zoom has been around for some time before the pandemic, it became more popular during that time. The good thing is that it didn’t drop its standards. It is a video call and screen sharing app that allows you to connect with your team straight up. Some of the features of zoom include;

  • HD Video and Audio
  • Video Conferencing for up to 50 participants
  • Ability to Share Screens, Documents and Images
  • Live Chat
  • Recordings and Transcripts

With zoom, you are sure to never miss out on any of your important meetings at the office or with your clients. 

SlackThink about Slack and think about a digital office. Safe for physical human interactions, Slack offers you almost everything you can do at the office. If your job requires working with a team, then Slack is your best shot. Some of the features of Slack includes;

  • Chatrooms
  • Private Chat
  • Integrates with a variety of apps, including Google Drive
  • File Sharing
  • Voice and Video Calls
  • Workflow Builder (automated communication)

Google DriveOne of the important things to ensure when working is the safety and confidentiality of files. These two things are what Google Drive offers you. While working from home, you will have to deal with a lot of documents. Most of these are not safe to store on your personal computer.

What you can do is transfer these files to Google Drive and have them saved there. What’s more interesting is that you can always access your files from anywhere you are. Isn’t that interesting? Of course, it is. Some of the features of Google Drive include;

  • A cohesive file experience. 
  • Easily add shared files from Teams or SharePoint to OneDrive
  • Upload files up to 100GB
  • Sync libraries
  • Use visibility and controls for security

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